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Four reasons to make primary care a priority

Medical specialties are like branches on a tree. Primary care is the trunk. Vivacity Care Center wanted to give you proof of just how important primary care is to human health. Learn how primary care can make a difference when you're managing conditions, need a diagnosis, want to save money, or just want to stay healthier.


You could have better health.

Primary care is positively linked to being up to date on screening, vaccinations, and health habit-counseling services..

That kind of routine care can be life-saving.

The increase in odds of receiving a routine preventative visit in the past your for U.S. adults with primary care providers.

The decrease in odds of premature death for U.S. adults with a primary care provider, compared to those who only see specialists.


You’d have help managing conditions.

Primary care is a team sport. Your primary care doctor knows your health and history, and they can work with specialists to make sure all areas of your health are covered.

Percent of adults with chronic diseases who have problems with care coordination:

33%Of adults with a medical “home” for care.


54%Of adults without a medical “home” for care.


You could save money.

People who have a primary care doctor have someone to call when things don’t feel right.

This can mean fewer emergency room visits, which are about four times as expensive as other ambulatory visits.

The average amount saved on annual healthcare expenses for U.S. adults whose personal physician is a primary care provider versus a specialist.


Your diagnosis might be more accurate.

People with doctors as their regular source of care are more likely to have fewer diagnostic tests, but more accurate diagnoses—and in general, are more likely to have their problems recognized.

Percent of patients at primary care practices diagnosed with depression:

46%Of patients at practices that incorporate behavioral health care, like Vivacity Care Center.


24%Of patients at traditional practices.

Our primary care physicians are accepting new patients!

About Sarah Crow, D.O.

Dr. Crow is a physician at Vivacity Care Center. When she started in healthcare as a nursing assistant, Dr. Crow discovered a passion for taking care of people. She and her husband live on 8 acres with their two children, 14 chickens, two dogs, and an adopted cat that came to the house and never left.

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