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How to use simple mindfulness exercises to support well-being

Mindfulness practices might be becoming more mainstream, but they can still be difficult to understand. We get it.

Mindfulness sounds very abstract, and it can seem doubtful that something so simple could actually work.

What is mindfulness?

In the simplest terms, mindfulness is having an awareness of the present moment while disconnecting from negative emotions, judgment, and reactions. It helps quiet the voice in the back of our heads that makes us react, feel stress, and think in unhealthy ways. It allows us to take a less reactive stance.

Mindfulness can help you achieve these health goals:

Misconceptions about mindfulness practices

A common misconception depicts mindfulness as a cure-all.

While research shows it can help lower blood pressure levels, reduce depression symptoms, and help people stick to a dietary schedule, it can’t cure everything. You should be wary of bold claims.

Instead, mindfulness exercises are a piece of the puzzle. You need the whole package, including nutrition, physical movement, and mindfulness to get the results you desire. But mindfulness can be a powerful tool in supporting your mental and physical health.

Simple mindfulness steps you can take

It’s really easy to go about your day without pausing to be mindful. So it’s important to take time to plan how to incorporate mindfulness into your day. The good news is it's easy to incorporate mindfulness into your daily routine since you only need a few minutes at a time. Here are some simple mindfulness steps you can take.

1. Track your day

Write down what you do each day and recognize when you take a moment to pause. When did you last notice the trees, smell the flowers, or slowly enjoy the tastes of your meal?

2. Use daily moments to remind you

Locate some moments in your daily life when you can easily remember to be mindful. Here are some examples:

  • While you’re drinking your coffee, stop and notice how it tastes.
  • When you take your shoes off, wiggle your toes and notice how it feels.
  • While showering, notice how the water feels on your back.
  • While sitting, notice what parts of your body are being touched by the chair.

3. Meet with a health coach

Health coaches can help you integrate mindfulness practices into your life in a way that is tailored to you. You can make an appointment with one of our health coaches to get started.

My favorite mindfulness exercise

One of the best tools to use during mindfulness practices is the Mindfulness Five Senses Exercise. In order to reach your health goal using mindfulness, taking intentional pause will continue to be important for success. Here’s how it works:

  1. Pause and take a deep breath.
  2. Run through the five senses, pausing as you go through each one to fully take it in:
    • What do you see?
    • What do you hear?
    • What do you taste?
    • What do you smell?
    • What sensations are you feeling on your skin?
  3. Then, take another deep breath and bring your attention back to your current situation.

Mindfulness exercises like this can help you to feel present and grounded. It’s something you can do in almost any situation and in any place.

We’re here to help with mindfulness practices

Even though you’ve learned about some mindfulness steps you can take, it's okay if you’re still feeling a little lost.

At Vivacity Care Center, we have health coaches and behavioral health specialists available to make sure we’re taking care of your whole health. Together, we can design some mindfulness practices that will work for you and your health goals.

Need support practicing mindfulness? Vivacity Care Center can help.

Virtual or in-person appointments are available.

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