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Art walks in your area

Looking to stretch your creative mind while stretching your legs? Spokane is a city that prides itself in creative ventures and offers plenty of walks to highlight its artists and to get you up and moving.

In this article, we’ve picked out some of our favorite art walks throughout the city and surrounding neighborhoods.

Sculpture Walk

Stroll the riverfront and view over 25 sculptures, many of which you can touch and interact with. This modern sculpture walk will appeal to adults and children alike. From contemporary to traditional, you’ll find sculptures that everyone will enjoy. This two mile walk has parking lots and entrances along the way, so you can plan your adventure for a long leisurely morning, or an hour lunch break.

Kendall Yards Art Walk

For an art installation experience along nearby Summit Parkway, look no further than the Kendall Yards Art Walk. Enjoy modern art, mixed forms, and sculpture while taking in the scenic views from several overlooks and parks along this two mile stretch of the Centennial Trail.

First Friday

Looking to support the local arts and area businesses in Spokane? First Friday is designed so you can do both! On the first Friday evening of every month, the city comes together to celebrate art, music, retail, and food and beverages.

Spokane Arts Map

Spokane Arts offers an interactive map so you can find exhibits all over the city. Pick some of your favorites and walk with your family or friends from site to site to experience what the best artists in the city have to offer.

Fall and Winter Arts Tours

October and February host the Fall and Winter Arts Tours. As another project curated by Spokane Arts, the events promote cultural and artistic showcases citywide. These supplements to First Friday focus the scope of Spokane’s burgeoning art scene.

Keep Moving to Find More Art

Getting out and enjoying local creativity by engaging in fun art walks keeps you moving in healthy ways. Show us where you’re walking by tagging us on our Facebook or Instagram!

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