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Virtual Appointments

At Vivacity Care Center, we understand that everyone leads busy lives. And sometimes, obligations pile up, making it hard to schedule a time to come to one of our offices. For others, finding childcare makes coming to the office difficult.

For times like these, consider scheduling a virtual appointment. Using a digital device, such as a smartphone, tablet, or computer, you can meet virtually with one of our experienced care providers.

Virtual appointments also save you time and money. Instead of getting in the car, dealing with traffic, and paying for gas, you can remain in the comfort of your home or workplace.

Virtual appointments are great for wellness check-ins, follow-up care, reviewing medications, discussing exercise plans, and asking health questions. But keep in mind, virtual appointments aren’t meant as substitutes for other types of healthcare. For example, if you are experiencing troublesome symptoms or need lab work, you’ll most likely be asked to schedule an in-person visit.

Virtual or in-person appointments are available

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