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Work with a health coach to achieve your goals

If you feel like you want to change jobs, incorporate new healthy habits, or achieve another life goal, you might benefit from working with a health coach.

Coaching encourages looking at things from a different perspective, which can be eye-opening, refreshing, and empowering. It’s also complimentary for patients at Vivacity Care Center.

After meeting with your healthcare provider, you can choose to talk to a coach about any goals you would like to achieve--or even goals you are simply considering. Sessions might be in person or by phone and are always a compassionate place to explore new behaviors.

What can a coach help with?

Common areas include but aren’t limited to:

  • Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Self-care
  • Life transitions, such as retirement
  • Relationships
  • Organization
  • Career change or growth
  • Or any other area where you might feel stuck!

Whole health coaches look at your health and well-being from a whole person standpoint. So, if you’re looking for growth or behavior change in any area of your life, you can examine it together.

What is coaching?

Different from counseling, coaching is about goal setting and behavior change. The focus is on moving you toward what you want to achieve, whether that’s eating healthier, running a marathon, or saving for a down payment on a house.

You are always in charge of the plan from what you want to work on to how often you meet. Think of it as if you are flying the plane and your coach is the co-pilot.

A health coach doesn’t replace anyone else on your care team. They don’t give medical advice or prescribe nutrition or exercise plans. A coach’s area of expertise is facilitating behavior change.

Your coach will encourage you to set big goals, but you aren’t expected to meet these goals in one session. You and your coach will break that big goal down into smaller goals for each session.

What if I’m not sure yet?

There’s never any pressure to talk to a health coach. But if you ever want to give it a try, it’s just a conversation and it’s always available at no charge

Make an appointment with a health coach

Same- or next-day appointments are available.

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About Heidi Beer, NBHWC

Heidi Beer is a health coach at Vivacity Care Center and recently moved to Spokane from Alaska. Heidi is always striving to help patients learn, grow, and lead a healthy lifestyle. With a background in exercise science, fitness, and athletic coaching, she became a health and wellness coach over 13 years ago.

Meet Heidi Beer, NBHWC