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What a Care Advocate can do for you

At Vivacity Care Center, we're dedicated to bringing you a one-stop shop for better health. And that doesn't stop at the end of your appointment. That's when our team of Care Advocates step in.

What is a Care Advocate?

The team of Care Advocates at Vivacity Care center provides you with personal guidance. We help with two areas where patients have the most questions:

  • Navigating your health plan coverage
  • Figuring out your next steps in receiving care

We get it—healthcare is complicated. But you don’t have to figure out everything alone.

Navigating your health plan coverage

Care Advocates are experts in understanding your health plan coverage. Together, we can help you:

  • Understand your specific plan benefits
  • Find out how many specialist health visits are covered
  • Figure out how much insurance will cover
  • Determine your out-of-pocket costs, including co-pays and deductibles

Plus, we can even help you get set up on your insurance carrier’s website! This will give you access to lots of self-service tools that make it easier to understand your coverage and find in-network care.

Figuring out your next steps in receiving care

Your care team may give you a referral to see a specialist outside of Vivacity Care Center. This could be for diagnostic exams, preventive health screenings, or behavioral health services. No matter what, your Care Advocate is there to walk you through the next steps. Together, we will:

  • Check to see if your plan requires prior authorization
  • Work to find an established specialty provider with reasonable costs and availability
  • Recommend the best specialist based on your personal preferences and coverage
  • Help you schedule your appointment

We’ll even follow up with you to make sure you were able to get the care you need. We’ll coordinate with the specialist to make sure your entire care team is on the same page. If you couldn’t schedule an appointment, we’re able to jump in and advocate for you to make sure you get the care you need.

Care Advocates are here to support you

While the rest of your care team at Vivacity Care Center are there to support your whole health, Care Advocates are here to support you in different ways. We work to bridge the gap between medical care and your health plan. We also help you make informed decisions about your healthcare.

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About Taeler Dombrosky
Taeler Dombrosky is a Care Advocate at Vivacity Care Center. She meets patients wherever they are in their healthcare journey to provide the knowledge to make educated decisions about their care. During her free time, she loves playing with her 7 pets and exploring nature.