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Jlyn Pritchard
Dr. Jlyn Pritchard

Dr. Jlyn Pritchard

Specialty: Family Medicine
Location: North Country Homes Care Center

For me, patient education and positive lifestyle change is the backbone of how I practice primary care.


West Virginia College of Osteopathic Medicine

Providence Family Medicine Residency Program, Spokane

Dr. Pritchard is a physician at Vivacity Care Center. She grew up in the Tri Cities, went to Gonzaga, and has lived in Spokane since 2010.

At medical school, Dr. Pritchard developed an interest in nutrition and obesity medicine that’s only grown. She’s curious about what fuels and motivates us both physically and emotionally, which makes her so excited to work with an interdisciplinary team at Vivacity Care Center. Her goal is for patients to feel educated, empowered, and encouraged to live their best and healthiest lives.

Dr. Pritchard’s favorite part of Spokane is being outdoors, where she enjoys hiking, skiing, and the occasional canoe trip with her husband and three kids. Indoors, she loves to write and experiment with cooking whole foods.

Great job. Super nice staff. I love my new doctor Jlyn Pritchard. I’m looking forward to working with health coach Heather and nurse Michelle is awesome.


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